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A California Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation


Current UCSD House Staff are invited to become a SDHSA Member and participate in YOUR Union. Just sign up electronically at our JotForm page -- it takes fewer than 2 minutes! Note - a petition is presently before the California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) to have UCSD also recognize SDHSA as the exclusive representative of UCSD Fellows.

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​The mission of the San Diego House Staff Association, a California Non-Profit Corporation (SDHSA) is to represent UCSD House Staff in negotiations, contract administration, and other activities germane to its functions as their PERB certified exclusive representative with the additional goals of fostering cooperation, comraderie and to improve the overall working / educational experience of House Staff at UCSD.

IMPORTANT: If you are NO longer employed in a one of SDHSA's represented employment titles (but continue to work for the UC), the UC requires that you to affirmatively "Opt-Out" of your Membership before the University will discontinue deducting SDHSA dues. (Sorry - this is NOT our rule). 

Specifically, when a UCSD Resident transitions to a position at UCSD which is NOT represented by the SDHSA, (for example, when a resident finishes their residency but then continues employment with the University as an attending), the University requires the employee to affirmatively file an election to "Opt-Out" before they will cease deducting SDHSA dues from your paycheck. This is a University Policy (NOT that of the SDHSA). SDHSA has sought to have the University to automatically cease collection of dues upon the change to a unrepresented employment title but the University has refused. If you are anticipating changing employment with the UC, please review the Opt-Out procedure found under the Membership section of this site. 

Please email with questions or concerns.

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