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This is the official website for the San Diego House Staff Association, a California Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation (“SDHSA”) and the “exclusive representative” of UCSD’s House Staff (Interns, Residents and Fellows) as certified by California’s Public Employment Relations Board (“PERB”). SDHSA is an  independent union solely devoted to representing UCSD House Staff in all aspects of their employment with UCSD. Herein, you will find valuable information in regard to SDHSA’s benefits and learn of the important role that SDHSA continues to play, in protecting and securing proper compensation, benefits and recognition for UCSD House Staff.

If you are not as yet a SDHSA Member, it is important that all UCSD House Staff become a SDHSA Member now so that we may continue to fight for you! Just click on the SDHSA SURFBOARD and fill out the form below!