Welcome to 2019!

SDHSA worked hard during 2018 to negotiate on your behalf for a new Labor Contract, which included better benefits and the inclusion of fellows in the union. That is not the end of the story as SDHSA’s work is never done. Here are some important updates on what the SDHSA is doing: :

  1. Back pay: Although the new MOU was signed in October, UCSD was dragging their feet on paying the House Staff their Back Pay (the difference between what they were paid and their increased wages since July 1, 2018) After taking the UC to task, on 1/18/2019, UCSD finally paid the money which was due to you.
  2. Housing stipend: The second installment of the housing stipend ($2,900) was dispersed on February 1st. ENJOY!
  3. Fellows: Note that UCSD failed to start deducting fellows dues from July and up though January 2019 citing numerous “technical” difficulties. As a result, in December of 2018, SDHSA filed an Unfair Practice Charge against UCSD.
    Finally, UCSD begin to deduct dues from the Fellows in February of 2019. We apologize for this inconvenience.
  4. Parking Permits. As most of you remember, in the past, House Staff received a 50% Discount on UC Parking Passes. As the only Hospital in the San Diego area that does not provide free parking for their staff, this was the least they could do. SDHSA’s Negotiating Team was still negotiating the New MOU with UCSD when UCSD unilaterally eliminated the parking discount at the end of June 2018. This was contrary to law. Accordingly, SDHSA has filed an Unfair Practice Charge with PERB which has resulted in PERB issuing a formal Complaint against UCSD. SDHSA is still litigating this matter and we will be reporting back to you on a regular basis.

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