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Our Leadership

2020-2021 Directors & Officers

Director & President:  Sean Li
Director & Secretary:   Michael Anthony Castello
Director & CFO:  Seth Fischer
Director:  Elizabeth Sophy
Director:  Christine Zacheck
Director:  Mathew Siow
Director: Anish Dhamija
Director: Harshika Satyarthi
Director & Fellow’s Chair:  Akram Mesleh Shayeb
Chair Public Interest Committee: Aaron Simon
Adjunct Committee Members: Benjamin Amendolara; David Savage; Rosalynn Conic

2019-20 Directors & Officers

Director & Co-President:  Kanwardeep Singh Kaleka
Director & Co-President: Megan Tresenriter
Director & Secretary: Roland Howard
Director & Chief Financial Officer: Sean Li
Director:  Elizabeth Sophy
Director:  Hannah Hollandsworth
Director:  Michael Anthony Castello

2021 Negotiations: SDHSA is preparing to represent you in the Labor Contract Negotiations for 2021-2024.  It is important to understand that if the SDHSA is NOT at the negotiating table for you, nobody will be there!  It is an unfortunate fact that the UC System is ultimately governed by those who are rewarded for achieving the most profit. Accordingly, the reality is that the pay and benefits of those on the front lines are always at risk of being cut and/or taken away. SDHSA is the advocate for UCSD House Staff. If you would you would like more information or would like to become involved with the SDHSA, please contact us at SDHSA@health.ucsd.edu.

Volunteer for a Committee: SDHSA is looking for volunteers for our various Committees including the 2021 Negotiating Committee. Besides the work of the Union, SDHSA helps organize and sponsor a number of Political Action Committees. Recently a SDHSA PAC was involved in the demonstrations in response to the Floyd / racial discrimination matter and a challenge to UCSD’s change in medical insurance policies which disproportionately affected the poor. If you would like to help out and make a difference – contact us!

Fellows: UCSD Fellows have formed a SDHSA Fellows Committee Chaired by this years Felix Krainski Honorary Chair:  Akram Mesleh Shayeb.  If you would like to become involved, please contact us by email.

Tell us Your Opinion: If you would like to express your opinion in regard to any House Staff employment issues, feel free to write us and we will give a copy to the UC Representatives. If you would like to become more involved, we can always use more help. We have numerous committees which would appreciate participation. If you are interested, contact any one of our Negotiation Committee.


The San Diego House Staff Association (SDHSA) is managed by the SDHSA Board of Directors.