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Our Leadership

2019-20 Directors & Officers

Director & Co-President:  Kanwardeep Singh Kaleka

Director & Co-President: Megan Tresenriter

Director & Secretary: Roland Howard

Director & Chief Financial Officer: Sean Li

Director:  Elizabeth Sophy
Director:  Hannah Hollandsworth
Director: Michael Anthony Castello
Fellows Director The “Felix Krainski Chair”: (Open – if you are interested – please contact us.)

2018-19 Directors & Officers

Director & President: Felix Krainski
Director & Chief Financial Officer: Sean Li
Director, Secretary and Chair of Communications: Rajan Arora
Director and Chair of Social Events: Eric Rupe
Director: Megan Tresenriter
Director: Kanwardeep Singh Kaleka
Director: John Pang

A HUGE Thank You to our 2018 Negotiating Committee:
Unwanaobong Nseyo, Felix Krainski, John Pang, Kanwardeep Singh Kaleka, Sean Li and Megan Tresenriter. If you get a chance – make sure you thank them for all their efforts.

Fellows: UCSD Fellows have formed a SDHSA “Fellows’ Committee to advise the SDHSA and participate in SDHSA’s negotiation with UCSD. ​The SDHSA Fellows’ Committee consists of Felix Krainski and Amy Zhang. If you would like to become involved, please contact one of these representatives or send us an email.

Tell us Your Opinion: If you would like to express your opinion in regard to any House Staff employment issues, feel free to write us and we will give a copy to the UC Representatives. If you would like to become more involved, we can always use more help. We have numerous committees which would appreciate participation. If you are interested, contact any one of our Negotiation Committee.


The San Diego House Staff Association (SDHSA) is managed by the SDHSA Board of Directors with the guidance and assistance of Attorney Paul J. MIrowski of the firm of Mirowski & Associates. Mirowski was first called upon to assist the SDHSA during its first successful contract negotiations of 2005 and was again brought in for the negotiations of 2007. Thereafter, Mirowski & Associates became integral to operation and management of the SDHSA. Mirowski organized the SDHSA into a professional labor organization representing the interests of UCSD House Staff, advocating common sense solutions, resolving disputes, negotiating wages and work benefits with the UCSD Medical Center. In addition to guiding the SDHSA through Contract Negotiation seasons in 2009, 2012 and 2015 and recently 2018, Mirowski continues to be the driving force and continuity for this independent union which has served as an example to the entire UC system of a cost-sensitive but effective labor union based upon comity and intelligent negotiations.

“Paul is an expert negotiator who was able to collaborate with UCSD Health to create an innovative, fair & equitable collective bargaining agreement. A win-win for all parties.” Michael Gonzalez – Former Director of Labor Relations at UCSD Medical Center.

Mirowski has demonstrated a policy of personal involvement with represented House Staff often taking the time to personally meet with House Staff to make sure the Association understands the needs and concerns of House Staff. Mirowski believes in avoiding problems through good communications but direct action. In this fashion, Association Members are empowered to expeditiously and efficiently resolve problems and are inspired to participate in the labor relations process and thereby, in their own destiny.

In addition, Mirowski has held the Martindale-Hubbell preeminent “AV” rating since 2009 which means that the legal community has awarded him the highest possible rating in both legal ability and ethical standards. Mirowski’s career includes a 1995 lawsuit exposing the fraudulent practices of a number of San Diego’s Talent Agencies which was widely covered by the media and a precedent setting appeal of technology issues in the U.S. 2nd Circuit (New York) Court of Appeal. See Julie Research Lab. Inc. v. Select Photographic Eng. Inc. et. al. (1993) 998 F.2D 65. Mirowski has annually been recognized by San Diego Magazine and by the San Diego Business Journal as one of San Diego’s “Top Lawyers.”  Paul has also been named a finalist in the SDBJ’s General Counsel Awards 2016.

If you would like to know more about Mirowski & Associates – visit the website at www.mirlaw.com.