It’s that time of year again for the SDHSA’s annual HOLIDAY party. Mingle with SDHSA Members and ring in the Holidays with FREE FOOD AND FREE DRINKS courtesy of your exclusive labor representative, the SDHSA! 

When: Saturday, December 14, 2019 starting at 6:00 pm

Where: To Be Announces

2019-20 Salary Increases

Dear Members,

Look forward to your 3% salary increases and other improved benefits for academic year 2019-20, starting with the July 2019 paycheck (disbursed August 1). The salary table we are providing here serves as an estimate and may be off by a minimal amount depending on whether UC’s payroll system is rounding up/down.

For academic year 2019-2020, the Housing Stipend for all House Staff covered positions will be $5,900. Represented House Staff shall be paid the Housing Stipend noted above in two (2) equal payments of 50% of the total academic year amount, with the first half-payment occurring on October 1 of the academic year, and the second half-payment occurring on February 1. To be eligible for the first distribution, the Represented House Staff individual must be active in the payroll system as of September 1 of the contract/academic year and on active payroll status at the time of disbursement. To be eligible for the second distribution, the Represented House Staff individual must be active in the payroll system as of January 10 of the contract/academic year and on active payroll status at the time of disbursement.

An Education Stipend in the amount of $500 per Represented House Staff individual shall be paid by October 1. In order to be eligible for the stipend, the Represented House Staff individual must be active in the payroll system as of September 1 of the contract/academic year.

Back Pay and Housing Stipend Party

Please join us to celebrate the recently paid Back Pay and Housing Stipends at this SDHSA Member Party:

When: on Friday, April 5, 2019 @ 5:30 p.m.
Who: SDHSA Members (Residents and Fellows) get in free with one significant other!

Welcome to 2019!

SDHSA worked hard during 2018 to negotiate on your behalf for a new Labor Contract, which included better benefits and the inclusion of fellows in the union. That is not the end of the story as SDHSA’s work is never done. Here are some important updates on what the SDHSA is doing: :

  1. Back pay: Although the new MOU was signed in October, UCSD was dragging their feet on paying the House Staff their Back Pay (the difference between what they were paid and their increased wages since July 1, 2018) After taking the UC to task, on 1/18/2019, UCSD finally paid the money which was due to you.
  2. Housing stipend: The second installment of the housing stipend ($2,900) was dispersed on February 1st. ENJOY!
  3. Fellows: Note that UCSD failed to start deducting fellows dues from July and up though January 2019 citing numerous “technical” difficulties. As a result, in December of 2018, SDHSA filed an Unfair Practice Charge against UCSD.
    Finally, UCSD begin to deduct dues from the Fellows in February of 2019. We apologize for this inconvenience.
  4. Parking Permits. As most of you remember, in the past, House Staff received a 50% Discount on UC Parking Passes. As the only Hospital in the San Diego area that does not provide free parking for their staff, this was the least they could do. SDHSA’s Negotiating Team was still negotiating the New MOU with UCSD when UCSD unilaterally eliminated the parking discount at the end of June 2018. This was contrary to law. Accordingly, SDHSA has filed an Unfair Practice Charge with PERB which has resulted in PERB issuing a formal Complaint against UCSD. SDHSA is still litigating this matter and we will be reporting back to you on a regular basis.

Just in Time for the Holidays! $$$

We are happy to report that UCSD distributed the first half of the 2018-19 housing stipend ($2900) and the 2018-19 educational stipend ($500) with the December 1, 2018 paycheck. Furthermore, your salary should reflect the newly negotiated pay increase for your respective PGY level.

Please note:

  1. The second half of the housing stipend ($2900) was distributed with the February 2019 paycheck.
  2. Your back pay (the differential of your increased salary for months July-November) was paid in a special off-cycle check in January 2019.
  3. You can verify that the above pay adjustments have been made by checking your own paystub at .

My Extra Pay – Explanation?

The SDHSA completed negotiations on a new Labor Contract (“MOU”) between UCSD House Staff and UCSD in October of 2018. Among the many details, this new MOU includes: An annual Housing Stipend ($5,800 for 2018-2019 with half to be paid in December and the second half to be paid in February); an annual Educational Stipend ($500 to be paid in December) and a 3.1% Wage Raise for each PGY scale with Back Pay to July 1, 2018. The MOU was fully executed on October 10, 2018.

The SDHSA continues to diligently pursue protecting your benefits and rights. As always – we will keep the House Staff informed whenever we receive updated information. If you feel that you are being denied proper pay and/or benefits – please contact us and we will look into it ASAP.

Your new salaries

Here is the new SDHSA negotiated salary scale for 2018-19. For every PGY level, the salary has increased by 3.1% from the prior year.
That’s not all: Your housing stipend has increased from $5000 to $5800. And don’t forget about the $500 educational stipend.
All represented House Staff (Residents and Fellows) will receive these benefits.

Great News!

SDHSA successfully concluded negotiations with UCSD bringing Fellows under its umbrella, increasing pay and benefits for their represented employees in addition to securing numerous rights and privileges! After difficult negotiations with UCSD spanning 10 months and the expiration of the former Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the SDHSA was able to successfully negotiate a new MOU with many benefits to employees represented by the SDHSA. You can take a look at the new MOU here.

SDHSA thanks A. and J. C. for their generous $100 donation!

On 7/20/2018, SDHSA received a generous donation of $100. We were excited to hear from the donors at the 2018 Welcome Party how our work at SDHSA is valued and positively affects your lives. A great, big THANK YOU! You motivate us to continue the hard work and strive to reach a friendlier and more rewarding work environment for UCSD House Staff.

Parking News & Tips

Yes, we know it is bad. The SDHSA was attempting to re-negotiate the current labor contract ( the MOU) to improve the situation. Rather than work with the SDHSA, at the end of June, the UC unilaterally canceled the “Discounted” parking passes for House Staff. We believe this to be illegal under the law and have filed an Unfair (Employment) Practice Charge with the California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) which is in the process of being adjudicated.

The job performed by Interns, Residents and Fellows is hard enough without the added frustration of not being able to park near where their duties lie. The SDHSA is attempting to be creative and appreciate any assistance the members can offer. Suffice it to say, this is a difficult issue. If you would like to get involved, the SDHSA has a Parking Committee. We could use your help. In any case, we will use this section to pass along news and tips as they come to us.

Off-Campus Sites. UCSD disavows any responsibility for parking at off-campus sites (not directly controlled by UCSD) even though they have negotiated residents working at these sites.

The Veterans Administration. UCSD is leaving this problem to the VA. Note that for certain subspecialties like Surgical or Dermatology, we are informed that Residents can submit their names to be put on a list to park at the VA. Send your requests to Sherry Huang / GME. Otherwise they sugggest parking at Athena and taking the bus.

Thornton. The UCSD administration claims that there are a lot of parking lots in that area with B spots “that are not too far of a walk.”

Hillcrest.  We are infomred that Residents can park on the top floor of the patient/A lot when Bachman is full. Also there is a small parking lot across from the VA should be reopening February or March of 2017. But in May the “pit” (by the med school) will be closing to build a parking structure to be completed sometime in 2018. It is also suggested that Residents pay $5 to valet park in the parking lot right next to the biomedical library where they can stay until 6pm.