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SDHSA Contract with UCSD

The latest Labor Agreement (MOU) is for 2018-2021:
Here is the direct UCSD link to the SDHSA contract, which applies to the 2018-2021 academic years. Negotiations are scheduled to occur every 3 years.

Prior Contracts:
Memorandum of Understanding 7/1/2015 – 6/30/2018

Side Letter 2015

HOPPD in effect: HOPPD 2012

Note that the SDHSA will be negotiating for the 2021 -2024 Labor Contract (MOU) commencing January 2021. Be part of the solution and volunteer for  assisting on the SDHSA Negotiating Committee.

Licensing Reimbursement Form

Application for Reimbursement of Professional Fees

Travel Documents

Travel Expenses Reimbursed: § 26 of the 2015 MOU states, “The University shall reimburse House Officers for authorized expenses incurred during required employee-related University business or travel in accordance with the requirements of the appropriate section of the UC Business and Finance Bulletin.
Please Note: The IRS annually revises the “Standard Mileage Rates” based upon a study of fixed and variable costs of operating a vehicle. As a result, these rates may go up and down on a annual basis.

Travel Guidelines for SDHSA Represented House Staff

Travel Voucher

Benefits Documents

Retirement Plan Information

Retirement Savings Program

UC Food Service Hours


The Full SDHSA Membership Policies & Procedures Manual is available to Members upon written request.