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The SDHSA is solely funded by Membership Dues. These dues are very small compared to extra compensation and benefits that the each person covered by SDHSA receives annually because of the work of the SDHSA. This is in addition to the many overall benefits and protection that the SDHSA has provided to UCSD’s House Staff over the years. One needs to understand that the SDHSA is continually working throughout the year, every year, to protect the benefits and rights SDHSA has obtained for UCSD’s House Staff and their families. We can’t do this without you!  Become a SDHSA Member. Just sign up electronically – it takes less than 2 minutes!

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Member’s Dues Explained

SDHSA is a “union.” As a PERB (California’s Public Employment Relations Board) sanctioned exclusive representative of UCSD House Staff, SDHSA is entitled by law to fund its activities through the collection of Membership Dues.  Previous to the Janus Case (see below) everyone who enjoyed the higher pay and benefits negotiated by a Union was required to contribute to funding those exact activities from which they benefited.  This is no longer true. The important point is that the SDHSA cannot continue to do its work without financial support in the form of “Membership Dues.” Please consider – how would you feel if others sat by while you (and the other SDHSA Members) payed for maintaining the gains and benefits that ALL House Staff receive because of the SDHSA. SDHSA dues remain significantly below those charged by like (national) unions to House Staff at the other California Institutions (typically 1.5% or more of wages.) Commencing July 1, 2020, SDHSA only charges .9% of wages. Consider how little that is compared to the additional $6,000 + House Staff receive each year as a “housing stipend” created by the SDHSA! It the SDHSA disappears, you can be sure that, and more, will be cut from UCSD’s budget. So please sign up NOW.

What SDHSA Does

The SDHSA represents its Members in all aspects of their employment relationship with UCSD. An important part of that is to negotiate a Labor Contract (called a Memorandum of Understanding or “MOU”) for all persons in the represented employment “titles.” Among other things, the MOU guarantees House Staff a negotiated fair salary with annual increases, a substantial Housing Stipend (designed to offset the high cost of living in San Diego), an Educational Stipend (to help offset those additional educational expenses), a Meal Allowance, Reimbursement of License Fees, Reimbursement for Qualified Travel Expenses, and amenities such as the House Staff Lounges, Free Uniforms & Laundry.  In addition, SDHSA zealously protects the quality Medical Insurance & Employment Benefits afforded House Staff and their families, and really – much more. If you have a dispute with UCSD, we will step in and assist Members (only) in employment related matters. Finally, SDHSA develops and offers a number of valuable benefits which are offered to Members only.

Who We Represent. In 2002, the SDHSA was certified by California’s Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) as the exclusive labor representative for UCSD House Staff. [See PERB Case No. SF-RR-858-H.] With the addition of Fellows in April 2018, the SDHSA now represents UCSD House Staff in titles 2709 Resident Physician I; 2723 Resident Physician II-IX; 2738 Chief Resident Physician and Fellows in 2736 and 2733.

Membership Cancellation Policy.  Membership in SDHSA is voluntary. A member may cancel their Membership at any time. Still, we want to make sure you understand exactly what your cancellation means to you and your colleagues. In doing so, while you are still in one of the represented titles (and entitled to MOU benefits), you are giving up numerous Association Member benefits, perks and protections and quite frankly, telling your colleagues that you are electing to be what is called a “free-rider” (i.e., taking the benefits negotiated by SDHSA while not contributing to that effort). See Janus Explanation below.

In addition, if you cancel your membership, you give up representation and the protection of your employment rights by the SDHSA. If a dispute should arise between you and the UC regarding employment rights (i.e., should you unfairly be discriminated against, disciplined or dismissed), or should the UC deny you individual employment benefits, you will be solely responsible for all legal expenses and costs. The reason is, with the advent of the 2018 “Janus” case, SDHSA cannot justify the cost of supporting “free-riders” (non-members who do not contribute to the common good). As a result, they are on their own. One also waives the right to participate in numerous SDHSA Events (Members Only) or having to pay an extra charge. In addition, one will not receive nor be allowed to participate in numerous SDHSA Member discounts, benefits and perks. Really, the small amount Members pay in dues does adds up to a great deal!

Unfortunately, Non-Members are also letting their colleagues down (by making Members pay for obtaining the benefits they enjoy). You see, under former law, no one was ever required to join a union. Yet long ago the US Supreme Court had ruled that when a union obtained benefits for persons covered by their contracts, out of fairness that person had to contribute a “fair share” fee to support the union’s activities. BTW (contrary to anti-union propaganda), these fees were only used for activities which directly benefited the fee payer. In 1977, the Court ruled that covered employees should not be allowed to be “free-riders” by taking the benefits while not contributing to the union that obtained benefits for the employee. Unfortunately, over the years, wealthy and powerful interests have sought to invalidate the “fair share” fees laws with the unmistakable purpose of destroying unions. In 2018, those interests partially succeeded with the “Janus” case. The point here is: do you really want to be a person who takes the benefits negotiated for you by the SDHSA (such as the annual Housing Stipend of at least $5,900 per year) which far exceeds what members pay dues), while letting your colleagues shoulder the burden of guarding the benefits for you and your family? One need to only ask the question, if things were reversed, how would you feel?

If you still feel the same, we hate to see you go. Under SDHSA’s agreement with the University, UCSD is charged with the duty of deducting membership dues from the wages of persons represented by SDHSA. The Association will process your Cancellation of Membership and forward it to the UC pursuant to SDHSA’s Policies and Procedures. You must submit the Cancellation of Membership Form below as directed on said form.

SDHSA Membership Cancellation Form  (pdf)


It is important that every UCSD House Staff member understand what happened and why it is now so important that EVERYONE become a SDHSA Member. In summary, heavily funded anti-union interests were able to seat conservative judges on the US Supreme Court and brought cases for the purpose of overturning a union’s right to “Fair Share” agency fees. In 2018 – they were successful. The SOLE purpose of this case was to destroy public sector unions. A more detailed explanation is below:

Understanding the Janus Case:

Janus is Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, Council 31, 585 U.S. ____ (2018) [Hereinafter also “Janus”]. Under prior Federal and California Law, no one was ever required to join a union. Yet, a union (such as the “SDHSA”) was entitled to fund its common union activities by collecting membership “dues” from “Members” (those who joined the Union) and by charging what were called “fair share service fees” or “agency fees” to Non-Members who directly benefited from the Union’s representation. (An example of person who paid a fair share fee was a UCSD Resident who did not join SDHSA but who still received annual pay raises and the annual Housing Stipend from UCSD because of the MOU negotiated by SDHSA.) These “fair share” fees were mandated under four decades of prior the law because it is deemed unfair for persons to take the benefits of the union’s representation while not contributing to funding the activities resulting in those benefits. Persons who took while not contributing were often referred to as “free riders.” See Abood v. Detroit Board of Education 431 U.S. 209 (1977) and Cal. Gov. Code § 3583.5.

Ever since 1977, it has been the goal of anti-union interests to overturn the law. As a result, a number of conservative anti-union States enacted what are (facetiously) called “Right to Work” Laws. The clear intent of these actions is to hinder and de-fund unions so that they become ineffective and/or cease to operate. These anti-union forces were also able to stack the U.S. Supreme Court with enough votes to overturn the existing law. The end result was the Janus case which was handed down on June 27, 2018 and in short, ruled that “Fair Share Fees” were no longer allowed. In short – people were now allowed to be “free-riders.”

Accordingly, it is now up to the people represented by the SDHSA to do the right thing and become a SDHSA Member. Without your continued support, the SDHSA will have to cease and you and your wages and benefits will be at the whim of the UC Administrators seeking to maximize their profit at your cost.