SDHSA’s Mission


The mission of the San Diego House Staff Association, a California Non-Profit Corporation (SDHSA) is to represent UCSD Residents and Fellows in negotiation, contract administration, and other activities germane to its functions as their exclusive bargaining representative with the additional goal of encouraging cooperation, camaraderie and to improve the overall working and educational experience of House Staff at UCSD. Because SDHSA has remained an independent union (not affiliated with and required to pay fees to a national organization), we have been able to operate more efficiently and with our local only members in mind. As stated in SDHSA’s Articles of Incorporation, SDHSA’s mission includes:

1. To provide members of the Association and their dependents with educational, medical, dental, legal, and recreational programs, services, and facilities.

2. To secure for members of the Association adequate compensation for the performance of their professional duties, and to improve overall conditions of their employment.

3. To represent the members in negotiations with employers and public agencies relating, but not limited to employee grievances regarding wages, working hours, working conditions, welfare programs, and the development of academic and vocational training programs for the membership.In addition, the SDHSA seeks to improve the overall quality of the Residency and Fellowship experience at UCSD, improve UCSD’s Medical Center’s national and international reputation and rankings, to create opportunities for the San Diego House Staff and to foster a camaraderie in the San Diego House Staff community.


On a basic level, SDHSA makes sure that the REPRESENTED House Staff and their families receive proper compensation and benefits including:

  • Annual Salary Increases
  • Annual Housing & Educational Stipends: = $6,500 in 2020-21
  • Meal Allowances for On Call Staff
  • License Fees Reimbursement
  • Medical Insurance & Other Benefits for you and your family

But the reality is much more!

SDHSA does more than negotiate the Labor Contract that provides you with your pay and benefits. SDHSA works all year long on YOUR BEHALF. Here are some of the things going on:

  • UCSD Mistakes: UCSD’s often seems to make “mistakes” that affect your pay, benefits and life as a UCSD Employee. SDHSA monitors UCSD’s actions and we are constantly working on these.
  • COVID Response. Earlier this year, SDHSA filed a formal “Grievance” in response to UCSD’s slow reaction and COVID policies affecting House Staff. We believe we have resolved these but if you are aware of any issues – please contact us.
  • Unfair Practice Charges (UPCs). In the past three years, SDHSA has had to file three UPCs with California’s Public Employment Relations Board (PERB). The “1190” case ruled that UCSD illegally increased parking fees on House Staff and owes a partial refund (but UCSD hasn’t yet paid). We will keep you posted on these and other matters as they develop.
  • Political Action Committees. SDHSA helps organize and sponsor a number of Political Action Committees. Recently a SDHSA PAC was involved in the demonstrations in response to the Floyd / racial discrimination matter and a challenge to UCSD’s change in medical insurance policies which disproportionately affected the poor.
  • SDHSA is preparing to represent you in the upcoming 2021-2024 Contract Negotiations. It is important to understand that if the SDHSA is NOT at the negotiating table for you, nobody will be there!

If you would you would like more information or would like to become involved with the SDHSA, please contact us at