SDHSA’s Mission

The mission of the San Diego House Staff Association, a California Non-Profit Corporation (SDHSA) is to represent UCSD Residents and Fellows in negotiation, contract administration, and other activities germane to its functions as their exclusive bargaining representative with the additional goal of encouraging cooperation, camaraderie and to improve the overall working and educational experience of House Staff at UCSD. As stated in SDHSA’s Articles of Incorporation, SDHSA’s mission includes:

1. To provide members of the Association and their dependents with educational, medical, dental, legal, and recreational programs, services, and facilities.

2. To secure for members of the Association adequate compensation for the performance of their professional duties, and to improve overall conditions of their employment.

3. To represent the members in negotiations with employers and public agencies relating, but not limited to employee grievances regarding wages, working hours, working conditions, welfare programs, and the development of academic and vocational training programs for the membership.In addition, the SDHSA seeks to improve the overall quality of the Residency and Fellowship experience at UCSD, improve UCSD’s Medical Center’s national and international reputation and rankings, to create opportunities for the San Diego House Staff and to foster a camaraderie in the San Diego House Staff community.