The Making of SDHSA

The San Diego House Staff Association (SDHSA) is a California Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation and is the exclusive representative of UCSD House Staff (Interns, Residents and Fellows) as certified by California’s Public Employment Relations Board (PERB). SDHSA is a completely independent union (not affiliated with national unions) and is devoted to representing only UCSD House Staff. This is the official web site of SDHSA. Feel free to browse and learn about the important role we have played in improving the lives of UCSD House Staff and their families.

The SDHSA was originally created in 1973 to advocate for House Staff and Research & Clinical Fellows at UCSD.  In 1978, the SDHSA was incorporated. For many years, UCSD relied upon the SDHSA to administer benefit programs for residents. Subsequently, UCSD assumed many of the functions associated with benefits. In about 2000, UCSD evicted the SDHSA from its office and declined to recognize it as a representative of UCSD Residents. In response, the SDHSA petitioned California’s Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) to be recognized as the “exclusive representative” (union) of UCSD Residents. See PERB Case No. SF-RR-858-H. In 2007, Mirowski & Associates was brought in to assist in the negotiations of the 2007 contract (Memorandum of Understanding or “MOU”).

Each year, a new group of Directors are elected and assume the official responsibility for the direction and oversight the San Diego House Staff Association (SDHSA). The typical UCSD Resident is extremely busy with the work of completing their residency and at the same time trying to “have a life.” They accept that there is a union representing them but many will only see the SDHSA as being responsible for the substantial “stipend” check normally issued in October and the occasional “social” bringing residents together. What most do not fully comprehend is that the  SDHSA is a full fledged “union” backed by the law and the authority of the State of California.

For many years UCSD Fellows were left out of many of the benefits (such as the Housing Stipend) negotiated by SDHSA. In 2017, the SDHSA initiated a fight to bring the Fellows under the SDHSA umbrella. In 2018, the SDHSA was successful in forcing the UC to recognize SDHSA as the labor representative for UCSD Fellows. Since 2007, SDHSA has steadily increased the pay and benefits afforded UCSD House Staff and worked to defend House Staff who found themselves in conflict with UCSD or some of its policies. SDHSA continues to fights every day of the year to protect you and your family!