As you know, SDHSA’s dues are only .9% of standard pay. You might also know that SDHSA dues are the least of any House Staff union in California. (These other House Staff unions typically charge 1.5 % or more). Unfortunately, Starting with the 2020 August paychecks, UCSD failed to collect the correct amount of dues (charging only $30 instead of .9% of standard pay). When SDHSA caught the discrepancy in late August of 2020 (when the July Dues are collected), SDHSA immediately notified UCSD who informed SDHSA that they had made a “mistake.” SDHSA demanded that the mistake be fixed before the September paychecks. The UC came back and then claimed that they had transitioned over to a new computer system (UCPath) and could not fix the problem in time for the September 2020 paychecks. SDHSA then demanded UCSD fix the problem by the October paycheck (where House Staff would receive the first half of the Housing Stipend – an extra $3,000). Although UCSD came back and in late September demanded that SDHSA first pay for UCSD’s employees to implement the fix. After filing a formal Grievance and PERB Unfair Practice Charge, it appears that UCSD might have fixed their system.

We want you to know that SDHSA immediately went to task with UCSD filing a formal Grievance and and Unfair Practice Charge with PERB. Thereafter, it appears that UCSD implemented the correct SDHSA dues charges starting with the October paychecks. Unfortunately, that leaves the difference in back dues still owing. We were (and are) furious that UCSD’s solution. We are still negotiating this issue with UCSD. At the same time, we wanted you to know why your October paychecks may reflect the changed dues deductions and other paychecks may reflect “back dues” owed. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any comments, please contact one of the SDHSA Directors.